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Almighty Reigns Songbook

Lyrics & Chords

D           G       A
Teach me to grow in faith
D           G       A
Show me the path to take
G                A
Fill me with the power
   D         G
Of Your Holy Spirit
G       A
Set me apart
   Bm    A         G
So I can seek your face
Every day.

I want to be Holy
As you are Holy
I want to be Pure
White as snow
             A     G
I want to be Holy
Just like you.

D          G       A
Help me to walk in grace
D              G       A
Guide me LORD day by day

Copyright © 2000 by Narrow Road Music

All Rights Reserved

About This Song

God is both holy and pure. It is God's desire for us to be holy and pure also. However we cannot become this way by ourselves. We need help. That help comes from the Holy Spirit. To be holy is to be separated for a special purpose. As a believer in Christ we are set apart from the world spiritually. We actually belong to God. We should no longer do what the world instructs us to do. With the power of God in our lives we can now be directed by the Holy Spirit to do God's will in our life. When we are obedient to God's will He is exalted. The thing that is important to note is that holiness comes only from God. He is the very essence holiness. This song is for the believer to be reminded of the fact that God is holy and pure therefore we need to be holy and pure also.