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Almighty Reigns Songbook

Lyrics & Chords

Bm    F#m          Bm       F#m
Jesus Lord of all Died on a cross
Bm       Amj7           D            E
His Life paid the price we could not pay

Bm     F#m            Bm          F#m
We bow at your throne worship you Lord
Bm      Amj7            D      E
We sing from our hearts Hallelujah

A           D     E7   F#m
Longing for you  Everyday
A                 Bm
Searching in Your Word
E7              C#m
Seeking out the truth
E               F#m     Bm
Longing for you in our lives

Copyright © 2000 by The Mediatunes Project

All Rights Reserved

About This Song

This Song takes a look at how wonderful God is and our repsponse to seek Him diligently. This is a straight forward Gospel message. Jesus died for my sins. He rose again beating the bondage that separates us from God. As a person believes this simple yet powerful message the miracle of salvation is given as a free gift. We must as Christians have a longing in our hearts to seeks Him in His word.