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Almighty Reigns Songbook

Lyrics & Chords

G              D
Mighty, Mighty is the Lord
G             D
Seated on the throne.
G           D
You deserve all my praise.
C              D
I bow down and honor You.

C   D    Em
Oh-oh my Lord
C       D      Em
At Your feet I fall.
C   D    Em
Oh-oh my Lord
C       D     Em
You are above all.
      C           Bm       Em      D  C  D
And I give You my heart of praise.

G              D
Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb
G               D
High and lifted up.
G              D
You are Savior of my soul
C                  D
By Your blood Iíve overcome.

Copyright © 2004 by The Mediatunes Project

All Rights Reserved

About This Song

Imagine if you can for a moment when you are at the very throne of God. You would be in awe of His majesty. Through the Spirit we can experience this scene as you worship God. This song provide the worshiper to say "I love you"