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There's a War For Your Soul

[Verse 1]
Em           G         A
Battle lines have been drawn.
Em               G         A
By the forces of right and wrong
Em              G        A
Here's a choice you must make
C                    D
Tugging away at your heart
C     Bm     Em 
Where do you stand?

[Verse 2]
Em                     G       A
Now is the time as the enemies near.
Em            G       A
Your decision must be clear
Em            G          A
Listen to the hoof beats pound
C                         D
Four horsemen warn of the end.
C     Bm     Em
Where do you stand?

C         D              Em
There's a war - For your soul
C         D                Em
There's a war - So arm yourself
G         Am     C        D             Em
There's a war - There's a war. For your soul

[verse 3]
Em                G      A
Hold down your position firm
Em                G        A
Fighting hard the wages of sin
Em                G        A
Sin will pull you further down
C                     D
Closer to a the enemy hand
C     Bm     Em
Where do you stand?


Bm                  G
Glory to those  Who take up the sword
F#m                     Bm
Victory and Promises fulfilled
C                    D
Stand on the side of what is right
G                  Em
Choose whom you'll serve.


Copyright © 2001 by The Mediatunes Project

All Rights Reserved

About This Song

One thing a Christian has in their life is the pure love of God. As a matter of fact The Son of God performed the most amazing act of love. He died for our sins. Trust in this truth and you can go to heaven. And for those of us going to heaven it is our desire to worship the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This song attempt to help the Christian understand the truth of God's love for all of us.