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"Essential reading for every worship leader who wants to experience the presence of God in their worship service"

Building A House of Worship Book For Worship Music Ministry by John Pape

"Worship Leaders Discover Practical Methods, Concepts and Ideas That Will Greatly Improve Your Ministry."

Dear Worship Ministry Leader:

  • Are you using your fullest potential when using the gifts and abilities God has given you?
  • How can you better serve and build a unified community of worshipers?
  • In which four key areas can you increase the effectiveness of your ministry?

The answer the these questions and more is now available in the book especially written for worship leaders. That book is the titled "Building a House of Worship" This information was written to help the music minister/worship leader understand a time tested principle.

Below you will find detailed instruction on you can get your copy of this vital information. This special information shows you

  • how worship should be in the church,
  • what is missing in many worship services,
  • and how you can effectively minister to the people you serve.

Building a House of Worship is written for anyone who is involved in a music ministry that leads people using music in the worship of God.

It uses an amazing story from the Old Testament and brings to light a time tested concept. In this story you will learn what God earnestly desires for His people. It centers around the example of an amazing building project. You will learn about a special individual who directs Israel through the monumental task of building an amazing special project for God. Finally it culminates in perhaps one of the most beautiful examples of the power of God. A time when everyone involved is directed toward the same goal.

By examining four major components in a building project, this book will show you practical ways from the Bible how to improve your ministry.

Here are ten important reasons why you need to read this information as soon a possible…

Here are just some of the amazing methods ,tools, tips & techniques this book will teach you

  • Create a solid plan for your music ministry.
  • Arrange songs in ways that will improve the "flow" in your service.
  • Use special techniques to alleviate the "Chinese Water Torture.
  • Develop your personal attitude toward worship.
  • Build on a solid foundation that will make your ministry more effective.
  • Implement different activities in your worship service for a more fuller experience.
  • Improve your skill level so that you are better in your ministry.
  • Use various tools to help teach your congregation new songs.
  • Balance your natural ability with your spiritual gifts.
  • Uncover God’s special plan and purpose specifically for you.

Building a House of Worship contains an incredible amount of information to help you improve you music ministry. The following is the actual Table of Contents. Take a look at it and see what is covered in this book.

Table of Contents



Why I Wrote It

Worship Is an Experience
It Begins With a Vision
Worship is Directed By God for God
How You Can Benefit

The Four Phases of Building and How They Relate to Your Ministry

You Need a Blueprint
The Solid Foundation
Build the Building
Move Into the House.
The Tabernacle
Solomon's Temple
Jesus is the Temple
The Believer -The Temple of The Holy Spirit

God Has a Plan - Phase One Preparing Blueprint for success.

Are You a Spiritual Worship Leader?
Understand That You are a Spiritual Worship Leader
Spiritual Worship Leader Defined…
God's Calling…
God Given Capacity
Natural Ability -- the tools God uses to glorify Him
Spiritual Gifts -- the method He uses to execute His purpose
God Given Responsibility
To Serve a SPecific Group of People
Directing This Group of People Toward God's Plan
To Bring Glory to God

Five Key Elements of Worship

Adoration in Prayer
Confession in Prayer
Thanksgiving in Prayer.
Supplication in Prayer
Bringing It All Together
Why the Foundation Is So Important.
It Starts With a Relationship.
God Is Love
God Gives You Grace
God Give You A Hope For The Future

Build the Building - Tools and Materials and Techniques

Techniques Are the Tools For Better Worship
Ideas You Can Use to Keep Your Worship Service Fresh.
Materials to Help Teach Songs to the Church
Different Group Configurations
Hindrances to Worship
One Final Word Regarding Techniques

Move Into The House

Putting It All Together
Be a Model Worshiper
Who Is The Audience You Serve?
Usher People to the Kingdom

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