All the songs listed here are available for you to use in your music ministry. Included are several resources you can use to help you learn these songs. Each song page will include specific resources to help you learn that particular song.

Song Formats Available to Help Learn and Teach Each Song

For each song presented there are several tools that will help you learn and teach the songs. Here is a brief summary of the tools available for you.

You can learn the songs by listening to a recording of the songs. An audio player is also available to allow you to listen to song online. If you want to download the audio file you can get them though iTunes or Amazon-MP3
Chord Chart
This tool provides you the basic chords and words to the songs. This will assist you in learning the songs.
Lead Sheet
Each song presented includes a lead sheet. This tool provides the melody, words, song structure and chords. This is a comprehensive document that helps you learn each song.
You can also watch videos for each song and learn how to play each one.