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G                  D/F#           Em7          D2 
In this life there are some thing I will never know
G              D/F#          Em7        D2 
They are far beyond my reach never to behold.
     C                D        Em7            C2
Like how does God the holy One live inside my heart 
Am7              Bm7             G/C             D
For His ways are not my ways but this I know for sure.

It's a mystery.
And it sets me free
D      C  G
Christ in me. (2x)
C      D  G
Christ in me.

G               D/F#        Em7          D2 
Like the pieces to a puzzle falling into place
G               D/F#        Em7                  D2 
Is the truth revealed to me through his love and grace
     C             D              Em7                 C2
Now, it is God who makes me whole through His perfect plan
Am7              Bm7             G/C           D
For His ways are not my ways and that is why I say.


            G             C
This is the hope, hope of Glory
        Am                   Em
I am in Christ, Christ is in me,
          F               D
We are together for eternity.


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About This Song

One of the most amazing things that God the creator of the universe does is dwell in the body of the Christian believer. As a matter of fact it is a real mystery.