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Lyrics & Chords

Em          D/E       Cmaj7/E D/E
True to the Word this stone   refused,

Em     D/E               Cmaj7/E   D/E
By the builders, was the Rock of Israel.

    Em         D/F#     G6        Am
So, donít pass by and ignore this rock

   Em       D       C        G
Or you will stumble trip and fall.

      C            D
Cornerstone, Cornerstone
Bm           G
Jesus is the Rock
      C            D
Cornerstone, Cornerstone
  Em      D      C 
Upon this Rock I stand.

[Verse 2]
Be not ashamed, never run away,
In your belief in the Rock of Israel.
So, donít pass by and ignore this Rock
Or you will stumble, trip and fall.


Am            Bm
Build on this Rock
   C            D
Be firm in your faith
and You will know the Lord.

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All Rights Reserved

About This Song

Every building has a point of origin. The Cornerstone is the first and most important piece of the building. It establishes the starting point and orientation of everything that follows in the building process. Christ is the cornerstone. To some this 'cornerstone' became a stumbling block. In that it did not fit into their scheme of life. Others simply rejected it. This makes it difficult to build a personal relationship with God. Christ as the cornerstone establishes our faith and walk.