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Lyrics & Chords

F#m           E        D2  A/C#  E/B   
  My heart is pounding in  my    chest
F#m      E        D      E 
  As I recall the day we met
F#m         E       D2  A/C#  E/B
  And I realize how far I've  strayed
F#m           E        D2     E 
  It makes my soul cry out to you.

         A              D
Please Restore me, take me back
       E                A
To the place where we began

         D                 A
To My First Love that will never leave
         D                        E
My First Love Always faithful and true
You're My First Love.

F#m        E        D2    A/C#  E/B
   Forever faithful al -  ways  true
F#m          E      D2          D
   Even when I have turned from you
F#m           E         D2  A/C# E/B
   Embrace me Lord with o - pen  arms
F#m             E       D2   E
   And bring me back to you again

repeat chorus

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About This Song

God is absolutely wonderful. His Grace abounds! The thing to remember is he is faithful even when we are not. This song is directed toward the individual who has wandered off-track. Rather relying on the power available the them through God, they act on their own power. And the result of this action is disastrous. But eventually the believer must return to their first love or there will be serious consequences. This song is for the believer than needs a renew relationship with Jesus.