Songbook – Almighty Reigns

Special Offer Exclusively for Worship Leaders.


Introducing 15 Fresh New Praise and Worship Songs written to glorify God!

Dear Worship Leader,

There is a revolution that exist in the world today. God is truly moving amongst His church. This is evident in the increasing number of songs that are being written today. As a music minister you are in the midst amazing time in history.

For this reason, I want to share with you information regarding an exciting new songbook I just completed. This collection of songs is called “Almighty Reigns” It contains fifteen new and fresh songs you can use today. You also have my full permission to use them in your church music ministry. To give you an idea of what is available to you here are the titles of some of the songs contained in this songbook:

  • Longing For You
  • I Want To Be Holy
  • Son Of God
  • My First Love
  • And many more

As you read this, I want you to understand that you have an opportunity to try these songs in your music ministry. There is really nothing to loose in at least auditioning the songs. Best of all you can use these song to
glorify God.

In addition, here’s what makes this songbook valuable to your ministry:

  • Each song presents a positive Biblical Gospel message of hope.
  • They are easy to sing melodies so that you can teach to your congregation.
  • The messages presented gives people a glimmer of hope for life by providing direction for living a good life.
  • Digital download of songbook save you both time and money.

As you know we live in a technological age where the Internet provides new opportunities for distribution. What you are about to receive is no exception. This amazing technology allows you to receive new music that you can use
to minister to the people you serve. The best part you can get this almost immediately.

Here are some comments regarding the songs contained in this special songbook . . .


“Awesome concept of a song. I hope I’ll be able to live up to the sentiments in it.”

“Keep up the good work”

“Nice. Very Honest.”

“I like the whole premise of seeking holiness to God. We don’t sing OR talk enough about it in the house of God anymore.”

“I just listened to I Want To Be Holy INCREDIBLE!!! It truly touched me in a very special way.”

“I loved your song!”

“heard your music, you sound great!”

“I enjoyed your song, ‘I Want to be Holy’.

It is very easy and simple to order your own personal digital copy of this special songbook “Almighty Reigns”. A small investment of only $15.00 will get you started. To pay for the songbook and download the “Almighty Reigns” songbook simply click on the link below and provide your information.

Best wishes,

John Pape, Jr.


One more thing. If you find the songs are beneficial to your ministry please feel free to recommend it to any of your friends and associates.

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