What are some of the choir director jobs

In this article my goal is to explain the various duties involved in the choir director’s position.  First and foremost this person is a Music Minister. By this they minister though the use medium of music.

It’s imperative that the church choir director be faithful in seeking the Lord’s will and aim to maintain Christ as the focal point. A church choir director needs an attitude that is teachable, and desires to grow as in individual and as a minister.  In addition, The church choir director must have a call from the Lord for their ministry.  This calling should be confirmed by others in the Body of Christ.

Church choir director has many duties they perform in their job. A choir director needs a proven ability to bring others into planning and decision-making process. The church choir director works closely with the pastor and church staff in planning worship services.  Together they plan, schedule and decide on the direction of the music program for the church.  This is accomplished by organizing the church’s music ministry by directing vocalists and musicians in order to create an atmosphere of worship.  As a group they will choose the songs built on the scriptures and message relative the Bible study teaching. The music selected should follow the theme of the Bible Study.

Once a direction has been selected the church choir director will coordinate the vocalists and musicians with the calendar and direction of the church. He decides on who will sing and play instruments at given church service.  He in charge of regular band practices.  He sets the schedule for the church musicians.  He will organize musicians and bands and set the schedule for the rehearsals. This person will be in charge of the maintenance and additions the church’s song library.  In addition they will take care of all equipment, including instruments, supplies and music materials used in the church’s program.

Some additional duties he will be responsible for include weddings and funerals to be conducted in the church. A church choir director manages the musicians and bands for activities like holidays, weddings or funerals conducted at the church.  For these activities the music is selected to augment and the particular situation.  For Holiday events the Church Choir director plans the music.  The most common events are Easter and Christmas.


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