Songs for Worship Ministry

Here is your opportunity to use worship songs that will help you encourage, inspire and minister to the people you serve.

Song List

When it comes to your worship music ministry – for that matter ministry in general – there are certain things that will assist you in its development.

The primary aim in creating this site is to provide you with several tools, ideas, and songs to make you the best you can be in the fulfillment of your ministry. So whether you are interested in music, or training or any other aspect you should find something of interest here.

It is my sincere hope, that the resource available here will help you to become a better worship leader. This site focuses on many aspects of worship and its role in the church. I am sure that you will find some great resources that you can use.

The most important part of this site for most visitors is the song page. Each song that makes it into this catalog was written to help the worshiper better worship God. Please take some time to evaluate them and pray about how you in incorporate them into your music sets.

In addition to the songs, you’ll also find articles written to help encourage and teach you. You will find several ideas that will give you a better understanding of music and it role in the church.

Get refreshing new Praise and Worship songs that will bless the people you serve.

These songs are written to help the church have a greater relationship with their Creator through song. You will find a wealth of free resources to help you learn and teach these songs.

The songs presented on this site are written for you. Quite simply all you need to do is take some time to evaluate these songs. You will find that the songs a based on principles from the Bible.

All the songs listed here are available for you to use in your music ministry. Included are several resources you can use to help you learn these songs. Each song page will include specific resources to help you learn that particular song.

Song Formats Available to Help Learn and Teach Each Song

For each song presented there are several tools that will help you learn and teach the songs. Here is a brief summary of the tools available for you.


You can learn the songs by listening to a recording of the songs. An audio player is also available to allow you to listen to song online.

Chord Chart

This tool provides you the basic chords and words to the songs. This will assist you in learning the songs.

Lead Sheet

Each song presented includes a lead sheet. This tool provides the melody, words, song structure and chords. This is a comprehensive document that helps you learn each song.


You can also watch videos for each song and learn how to play each one.

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