Song Ideas for Alter Call

What praise and worship song is good to use for an altar call?

The Alter call is where a person comes to the front of the church when they make a commitment to Jesus or to get prayer. Many churches will have teams to assist those people who come forward.

The alter call normally comes at the end of the service in response to what the pastor has taught Other times it can happen in the middle of a service. The duration of an alter call can be very short or go for an extended period of time. Than depends on the pastor.

During this time the worship team will be asked to play some songs during this time. I hope to provide a list of songs that can be used. The songs don’t need to explicitly call people forward but rather reinforce the individual’s decision to come forward.

Here is a sample listing of possible songs to use during an Alter Call…

  • Just As I Am
  • Come Just As You Are
  • So You Would Come – Russel Fragar
  • There is A Redeemer – Melody Green
  • The Lord is my Light and my Salvation- Psalms 27:1 of David
  • All Who Are Thirsty – Brenton Brown
  • At Your Feet- Casting Crowns
  • Take My Life – Chris Tomlin
  • Let It Be – Chris Tomlin
  • Come As You Are – Pocket Full of Rocks
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
  • You Are My King (Amazing Love) – Billy Foote
  • Fade With Our Voices- Jason Ingram and Jason Gray
  • The Heart of Worship – Matt Redman
  • Give Us Clean Hands- Charlie Hall
  • From the Inside Out- Hillsong
  • We Fall Down- Chris Tomlin
  • Hungry- Kathryn Scott

This is my list do you have any others you would like to add?