Who Is the Audience You Serve?

Most worship leaders are talented artists. And there is a certain level of performance that goes into the music. Now the title of this article may raise some eyebrows. Worship leader are not suppose to be entertainers. Or are they? I believe that there needs to be a balance and perspective when we examine who the real audience is. This may come as a surprise to you, but as a worship leader you need to entertain the people you serve. Let me explain. When I say to entertain, what I mean is to make everyone at ease a possible. The word entertain can also be understood as hospitality. Hospitality is a spiritual gift. To exercise this gift means that you need to entertain. Just like you are the host at a dinner party. You entertain your guests. Here is the first person to consider.


Yes, when we serve though music our primary audience is God. All music and action should be directed toward His throne. This should be the ovious first choice and the premier option.


Next in consideration is the church and people that make up the congregation. As we looked at previously, it is important to get the attention of the people. By getting their attention you can better serve them. Now your mission in worship is not to be an entertainer. You need to lead them into the presence of the Lord. In a greater sense the church congregation is an audience that you are responsible to minister.


Music has a tremendous ability to open doors that would otherwise be impossible to break though. Another segment of any church should consist of is the non-Christian. These would be individuals that were most likely invited by a friend. You need to understand that worship music is also a tool for evangelism. People are drawn to quality music.


Your leadership is an important segment of the audience. Many music ministers are a part of the staff in the church. In all sincerely if you do not meet the needs of the leadership you will not be a part of the ministry. I know that this seem rather harsh. But this is something you need to consider in your ministry.

You serve different people

In your ministry it is very important to remember that you serve different people. Each person is from a different walk of life. Each one is at a different stage is thier spiritual commitment. Therefore it is your responsibility to be an example of Christianity to everyone you serve. You, whether you realize it or not, are ministering to both the saved and un-saved. You are also ministering to both the congregation and its leadership. But most importantly you are serving God. And you are His tool for His purposes.


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