Resources to Help Teach New Songs to the Church


There are many way in which you can help your group of people learn new songs. The goal is involvement not entertainment. If you are called to a worship ministry it is very much different that entertainment. You need to draw out participation. One way to do this is to use the following items as resources for learning.

One thing I do want to mention at this time is the legality of copyright. In most instances when you print, broadcast, record music it is protected by copyright laws. Please make sure that you get proper clearances and permission be for you place any thing in tangible form.

Worship CD’s or Audio Files

If you are trying to develop songs from a particular music group or song compilation, suggest that people get and share the Audio-CD. If your church has a bookstore make the CD available. Another approach is to produce a Worship CD that feature the music that is exclusive to your church. I know that the last suggest could be a big project, but the benefits you will reap will be tremendous.

Overhead Screen

One thing that many Churches do is provide for overhead projectors. Another option is to project a Power Point presentation. There are resources that will provide you with the transparencies. Please make sure that you have a CCLI license in order to comply with the laws of the land  and to protect the rights of the author of the music.

Church Bulletin

You can print lyrics in your weekly bulletin provided you have the proper permission. This is a very effective way to teach new song. Plus it has the added advantage of allowing the worshiper to take the information with them. They can save the bulletins and it gives them an opportunity to read and learn them during the week. Again the CCLI can issue a license that will protect your Church and the interests of the songwriter.


Another issue to consider is regarding familiarity. In a previous section of this book, we addressed the issue of variety. There needs to be some balance between familiarity and variety. The goal in worship and praise music is to get the individual believer involved with the worship of God. Songs must be taught to everyone in your church. Remember there is a learning curve. Unless the song is extremely popular you may have to present the song several times before people are comfortable singing them. If at all possible avoid introducing to many new songs at one time.

Song Books

Most worship, praise and even hymns have printed sheet music that will help people learn the songs. As with CD’s you can make the songbooks available at your churches bookstore. Or make suggestion as to where the songbooks can be purchased.


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