Techniques Are the Tools for Better Worship

Skill is a vital part of your ministry. This may be the area in which you spend a lot of time. You know – practice, practice, practice. Or this could be an area you need to work harder at. Whatever level on the spectrum you are it is important that you practice thing that will help you become a better minister and servant.

There are many techniques that you can employ in your ministry. These techniques can be useful in reaching the people you serve. The thing to remember is that you not place technique above the prompting of the Holy Spirit or your calling. The things discussed here are merely tools to help you. These things should create situations where you will not become a distraction yourself.

Variety is something that creates a certain level of freshness. It helps expand our understanding of different things. For example when I say to you, “Give me some words that describe a car”. You will come up with hundreds of words to describe the word car. Our western culture really loves its cars. So some of the words you will come up with could be the type of car. Truck, sedan, sports car. You could come up with words that will describe the color. Red car, Blue car and so forth. You may describe the car by the manufacture… Ford, Toyota, Nissan.

My point is that in the western culture there are many words that describe a car. On the other hand the Eskimo has only one or two words to describe a car. Yet they have literally hundreds of words to describe snow. In the same way, as a worship leader, you have at your disposal many ideas, techniques and words to help you communicate about our God.

Let us expand this idea of variety in another way. Let us consider the Chinese Water Torture. This is where the tormentor constantly drips droplets of water on the victims forehead. The drops fall at a steady rate for hours upon hours. The torture does not come from the water. The torture come from the lack of variety. If you want the people you serve to have a better worship experience don’t give them the equivalent of the Chinese water torture. In your ministry you have at your pick of many different ways that you can make your worship service fresh and exciting. We will look at way in which you can do this.


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