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He was ordained to to the gospel ministry by First Baptist Church (Rockford, IL) in April of 2004. As the executive director of Religious Affections Ministries, Scott speaks on the subjects of music and worship at various churches

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Worship, Music, Culture, Aesthetics – Religious Affections Ministries · Home · About We cannot forego private worship because we are faithful in attending the public services of worship with our local church. Nor should we

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January 17, 2012 — Rev Joyce Borger is often asked why Faith Alive Christian Resources, the publishing ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRNA) and resource provider for the Reformed Church in America (RCA), is going to release a new hymnal Borger, who is worship and music editor at Faith Alive, says that a new hymnal was needed because “we are not the same church we were 25 or so years ago when the hymnals most of us are using came out.”

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Church Music and Worship Context. So, as a follow up to my previous post, the jury returned and the answer was "mandolin". A healthy dose of Eliot members contributed to the conversation (virtually and in person) and a

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Over the two thousand years since Christ's life the use of music in Christian worship has gone through many phases and many musical idioms. It is really over the second of those two thousand years that church music, as we

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Under her leadership, the church has a vibrant 21st century worship with six choirs, two worship praise teams, and two praise dance worship teams. There are 64 active ministries of the church that minister to the needs of

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Leverage the church's new organizational structure, which combined Worship, Communication, IT, and Production Technologies into one department. Put Salem Joel and the team worked with Sofftech's Çağdaş Timurlenk on the software development, and also went to work coordinating the music, video, and choreography elements of what they had in mind. You Are Not Your Ministry · Christmas Media Freebies · Does Your Church Have Style? The Role of

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I also don't want to measure success in worship ministry by a complement/complaint ratio, I don't want to evaluate worship by using church giving as a yardstick, and I'm sure I don't feel comfortable with measuring it by membership to yours, then going to church eventually could be like going to McDonalds – no matter where we go, Kalamazoo or Oklahoma City, we sing the same songs and stick our hands up at the same phrases and have the same hamburgers.

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We have three locations and the four worship leaders of the three campuses get together and suggest songs on Wednesday morning. We work Call me a resource for the church creative wanting to make their ministry better.


John Pape from El Cajon California, an independent, self-managed Christian songwriter who creates worship and praise music for seekers and believers in the church. His music ministry mission is to create songs that will encourage a closer relationship to Jesus. The songs are crafted to encourage Christians in their daily walk. The songs provide a positive soundtrack for people’s lives. John’s songwriting drive is to honor God though words and music. His experience has grown over several years of honing the art of songwriting. In addition to writing songs, John also uses his musical gifts to lead worship in local churches. Currently John is working on a project to release several new Praise and Worship songs that were written to build and encourage Christians in their daily walk. John has loved music all his life. His first musical experience was playing the violin at the Bostonia Elementary School Orchestra and singing in the Glee Club. During high school John got a guitar. This began a new venture that has continued to this day. Learning all he could about the guitar and music John became a very competent musician. The enthusiasm for this instrument led him to become involved with various rock bands. At first these groups played popular cover tunes. Eventually, John’s desire to express more artistic creativity led him to collaborate with others to write original music. Out of this a home recording studio was created and at the same time the songs were being performed with a music group. Most of the venues were at local San Diego establishments. John is also author of the book “Building a House of Worship”. The book was written as a guide to Christian church worship leaders to better minister to the people they serve as they use their gift of music. “Music is a wonderful thing.” says John, “It has the unique ability to invoke emotions without any words. Add Lyrics and the words meanings are enhanced tenfold.” John continued to say, “Music is such an integral part of life. I love the creation of a new song.”

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